Dr. Kojian’s

Tear Trough Treatment


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Dr. James Kojian M.D. has been specially trained at UCLA to perform the tear trough or under eye crease treatment over ten years ago. Since then he has performed this treatment over a 1,000 times successfully with no complications or problems.

Most people develop a hollowness, or creasing or depression under their eyes after the age of 30-35. No creams or ointments can fill in this depression, only a filler can correct this hollowness. Dr. Kojian was trained to only use Restylane to fill the creases under the eyes, as Restylane has the perfect consistency and density to sit under the eye, flat and look smooth and natural and still last up to 4 years. Any other filler in this area, would swell too much and look lumpy and unnatural or not last as long. Dr. Kojian has also discovered many ways to reduce swelling after the treatment by using special equipment and to make the treatment virtually pain free. Some people may have some degree of swelling or bruising for a few days.

Dr. Kojian first cleans the skin, then he painlessly numbs the area and then a special catheter is used to inject the Restylane under the eye, exactly where the depression, creasing, or hollowness exists. The treatment costs $1,000, lasts 3-4 years, is painless, and small bruising for a few days may occur. This procedure is done at O.U. Beauty Medical Office in Glendale California, and takes only about an hour to perform. Other than filling in the depression under the eye, the Restylane filler also improves the discoloration and dark pigment under the eye as well, as it lifts the skin to flatten it out and thus the entire area becomes smoother and significantly brighter. If interested please text Dr. Kojian at 626-222-7777 or email him at drkojian@gmail.com.