What causes unsightly under-eye bags to manifest? Several factors contribute to this appearance issue, however age is arguably the main cause. Let’s review these factors to help you alleviate the problem as much as possible.


As the body ages, the muscles and tissue structures surrounding your eyelids begin to weaken. Fat normally found around the eye area starts to move under the eyes, while the skin often starts to sag. Additionally, the space below your eyes can collect fluid and make the skin appear puffy. Under-eye bags are often a hereditary issue as well.


Allergies can cause eyes to become swollen and puffy, particularly if the reaction includes redness and itching. Dermatitis can have the same unfortunate effect.

Salt Intake

A diet high in salt often causes the eyes to appear puffy. Water has a way of moving from parts of the body low in sodium to those highest in sodium, resulting in puffy eyes. If you eat a meal high in sodium, it is not uncommon for the under-eye bags to manifest the following morning.

Tobacco and Alcohol Use

Tobacco and alcohol use often results in puffy eyes because they cause hormonal changes and contribute to stress and fatigue. All of these things cause the body to retain fluid and the skin around the eyes to swell

Lack Of Sleep

Sleep deprivation is another common cause of under-eye bags, and again is due to fluid retention. Remaining in the same position all night can also cause puffy eyes because it interferes with the redistribution of body fluids.

Reduce the appearance of under-eye bags by enjoying a healthy diet, getting plenty of sleep, and refraining from drinking alcohol or using tobacco products. Dr. James Kojian’s exclusive Tear Trough treatment is also extraordinarily helpful in reducing under-eye bags.

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