Drinking water is essential to health and beauty for many reasons, including reducing the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. This appearance issue is a common problem for many, however drinking plenty of water is a great way to combat the issue. Let’s look at why this is along with a few other helpful tips for keeping dark circles at bay.

Reduces Salt Concentration & Toxins

Increasing your daily water intake helps flush toxins from the body, including the amount of salt in and around your eye areas. Too much salt increases fluid retention and causes the area around the eyes to appear dark, or dark and puffy. Drinking plenty of water helps increase the body’s blood flow efficiency to rid the body of toxins by transporting them to the kidneys and liver, aka the body’s “filters.” Salt and toxins do not travel to other bodily cells as a result.

Promotes Capillary Efficiency

The skin under the eyes is thinner than the rest of the body. Capillaries in this area subsequently do not move as efficiently as they do elsewhere. Damage to capillaries due to aging further reduces their ability to move fluid away from the eyes, resulting in dark circles and puffiness. Drinking a sufficient amount of water per day dramatically reduces this problem.

Ensures Hydration

Another reason dark under-eye circles and puffiness form is due to dehydration. A dehydrated body is much less able to circulate the blood efficiently, causing under-eye skin to look puffy and dark. Ensuring you are sufficiently hydrated every day is therefore key.

In addition to drinking lots of water, reduce your intake of dehydrating liquids such as alcohol and coffee, avoid a diet high in sodium, and take advantage of Dr. James Kojian’s Tear Trough product!

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